Nigerian Lady Whose Husband Infected Her With H!V Narrates How It Made Their Marriage Stronger (Photos)

An anonymous lady has claimed that her spouse infected her with the deadly virus, H!V but it made their marriage stronger.

The lady narrated that she had been married for six years when her husband unintentionally infected her with H!V.

She revealed that after their tests, he began to love her and take care of her more than he ever did.

Despite the infection, she is happy that her family is bonding better now.

She wrote:

“Hello Joro. Good morning. Happy weekend. | want to share what am currently go!ng through atm in my marriage. > Have been married for 6 years now. Last year | tested positive for HIV and my husband tested too.

He first said he doesn’t know how, but later when we went for counseling he cried and said a corper gave him and she apologized. He gave me unintentionally. We cried and prayed and fasted. God intervened in my marriage.

I don’t know but after this we have become so close and he treats me so well and gives me all the love in the world. | thank God my marriage rm. Should | be happy this brought us together? My marriage is growing.

Our children are okay and we went through the appropriate counseling to help them through it. G’ my husband is better and more loving in our marriage. | am happier. He opens his phone. He cooks, he’s always at home. He has put our marriage in front and God too. The drugs we take make me weak atimes but Am happy. | have shared with most people. Should | thank God and dance in my happiness? “.