My Wife Wants To Divorce Me For A White Man All Because Of A Green Card, What Should I Do? – Nigerian Man cries Out (Photos)

With no one coming out to reveal what is going on in his or her home, we may consider the world to be peaceful but when they do reveal their hidden problems, we tend to sympathize with them because there is no place in the world currently which seems to be cool.

The world is in chaos because of what we are doing to ourselves.

A man has been troubled by his wife’s actions ever since she travelled outside the country for greener pastures.

According to him, his wife was lucky enough to earn a scholarship to study abroad and after completing her education has refused to return home.

And after trying to inquire as to why she has refused to come home, she then threatened to divorce him by sending him a divorce paper asking him to sign.

She went ahead to warn him to keep it a secret because she would be sending money home when her new boyfriend who is a white man marries her and give her citizenship papers.

Currently the man is confused and brokenhearted hence has sought for the good advice of our able readers.

His post can be read here:

“I am a married man with 2 children. My wife traveled to UK after successfully scholarships for 2years only, but still now is 4yrs she has not yet returned back every time I ask her why she has not returned as we agreed she will complained about different challenges she is going through over there.”

“Early this year, she met a white man who promised to help her have a stay and better life on a condition of divorcing me and getting married to him.”

He continued:

“My wife sent me a divorce letter which I need to sign to prove we are no more married . She told me I should act along because through the White man she will have more opportunities over there and also have financial stability and be given a stay in UK and she will be sending me money to support our 2 children.”

“If I didn’t sign it, she might be deported anytime. She also warned me not to tell anyone including our families because she told me we should make it a secret. I am confused. 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ Pls advice before its to late.”