‘I’ve achieved so much at 26 without a man, I trained my siblings in private uni, bought houses’ – Skitmaker, Ashmushy (Photos)

Popular Nigerian skit maker, Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy has bragged of her achievements as a young age of 26.

The comedian who also doubles as an actress via her Instagram stories revealed that she has managed to train her younger ones in private universities, bought houses’ as well as set up different businesses without the help of any man.

“I have achieved So much at 26. I trained/training my siblings in a Private uni,

Bought houses, built successful businesses… etc ..So so so so so soooo super proud of myself. I don’t say it enough. The only “probably” male that has a hand in this is GOD..And oh my mother… After them, I do it all by myself &) started from the damn scratch with no help!… from that face me I face you compound.. where my mom begged for us to feed. I started running up and down Balogun market, EVERY DAMN DAY.. to buy hair for customers, down to doing videos every single day (sometimes against my wish/ mood). I smile and play on the camera and then drop my phone and cry on my pillow… Gosh, I’m so proud of myself, those that have sticked with me on this app, since the very beginning, THANKYOU, I love you Riwe ekene.. riwe otito father father ehhh,” she wrote.


Several reactions had trailed the recent post of  Ashmusy.

Ashmusy who is also a social media Influencer had posted a video of herself rocking a cleavage revealing dress while dancing to a song.

She further revealed via the caption that that’s how she intends dancing into her husband’s house some day.

However, her choice of outfit was an issue for some of her followers who took to the comment section to call her out.

@OkoyeCordelia wrote: Are we going to die if we cover our body? Asking for a friend.

@Legitjydegram wrote: Looking for more clients Ashmusy. We the men association on your profile don see you all. All your videos, you must show your backside, shake am or do something to behave like Turkey for show glass. Next time naked patapata.”